Basic Patterns

Conducting a Two Pattern

The two pattern.

When conducting a two pattern, conduct the down beat but instead of coming straight back up, veer to the side. Beat two brings the hands back to the focal point and then straight up again.(practice techniques)

This movie shows a variation on the above two pattern. This pattern is a more classic two pattern.

Conducting a Three Pattern

The three pattern.

The three pattern, also known as 'down-out-up' is a combination of the two pattern and the one pattern. The first beat is a one pattern, which goes down and rebounds staright up. The second beat goes out, similar to the beginning of the two pattern. The third beat finishes the two pattern.
(step by step)

Watch Kate, the drum major, doing a three pattern!

This is another variation on the three pattern. This is a more classical pattern.

Conducting a Four Pattern

The four pattern.

The four pattern is one of the most commonly used patterns. When learning the pattern, say to yourself 'down-down-out-up'. This patterns follows the same trend as previous ones. The four is the same as the three pattern but the four has an extra down at the beginning. (confused?)

Watch Kate doing a four pattern!

This movie shows the pattern described above.

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